Larwyn’s Linx: Impeachment Lessons

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Impeachment Lessons: Andrew C. McCarthy
Minnesota’s health insurance exchange in death spiral: Moe Lane
MSNBC Focus Group Agrees Obama’s a Total Failure: JWF

Of course: Obamacare plans won’t cover treatment at top hospitals:: Doug Powers
South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state: Bruce Parker
Poll: Tom Cotton up 7 on Mark Pryor in Arkansas: Hot Air

Healthcare.Gov Wants Your ATM and Credit Card Pin Numbers: RWN
Did Newtown Really Wreck Obama’s Second Term?: Bryan Preston
Knockout Game Goes Terribly Right: CNS


GOP Deal: More Taxes for Obamacare, Increased Spending?: Horowitz
The Big Spenders Return: Erick Erickson
U. of Washington email smears Tea Party with KKK comparison: CI

Jay Richards: 8 common myths about wealth, poverty and free enterprise: Knight
Feds Lose $ 10.5 Billion In Sale Of Remaining GM Stock: WZ
CBO: Top 40% of earners paid 106% of taxes: Poor Richard

The Great MacGuffin: Mickey Kaus
‘Income Inequality’ — The Biggest Lie of All: Roger L. Simon
Illegal Immigrants sue Georgia for taxpayer assistance: RWN

Scandal Central

The NSA is watching you through your XBox live, World of Warcraft account: NakedDC
It’s not just the NSA, every beat cop in America has your cellphone records: WyBlog
When Obama Claimed He Was “Outraged” By IRS Targeting Scandal, He Was, Get This, Lying: Ace

Climate & Energy

Obama’s Air-Pollution Regulations on Trial: Ben Geman
Global Warming Alert! Antarctica sets record for coldest Earthly temperature ever recorded: Poor Richard


Liberals More Divisive, Have An Illusion Of Uniqueness: Psychological Science Magazine: RWN
MSNBC’s Alternative Universe : Charles C. W. Cooke
Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters: Minority Report

NYT: My, many of these ObamaCare premiums aren’t really as low as they seem, are they?: Hot Air
Cheney: IT WAS A LIE: Keith Koffler
Little Green Footballs and DaTechGuy blog Two Blogs Two paths: DTG

“You Can’t Shake Hands with a Clenched Fist.”– Indira Gandhi: MOTUS
The Latest IRS Power Grab: SSI
But You Already Knew This…: 90 Miles


Demented Rules of Engagement Kill US Troops: MB
Saudis to Obama: We Will Not Tolerate a Nuclear Iran: Karin McQuillan
Look who’s catching a ride with Obama aboard Air Force One: BPR

The Migratory Patterns of Mujahideen: Gates of Vienna
Obama “Hangs NSA Out to Dry” – Morale Suffering: Trevor Loudon
Marine Kills Two Taliban At Close Range, Beats Third To Death With His Own Gun: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster: Kim Martin, Deep Sea News
Hacker Releases Software to Hijack Commercial Drones: Bryant Jordan
Home Appliance Makers Connect with Open Source ‘Internet of Things’ Project: Loek Essers, CIO


Obama Exchange: iOTW
Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope: Cube
Bummer: Loathsome Democrat Alan Grayson Lost $ 18 Million in Fraud Scheme: JWF

Image: Marine Kills Two Taliban At Close Range, Beats Third To Death With His Own Gun
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: Are you tracking progress on a Convention of the States?

QOTD: “The Constitution assumes that the different branches of government will protect their institutional turf. That is, the Framers calculated that, faced with a Democratic president who usurps legislative prerogatives, a Democratic congressman would see himself, first and foremost, as a congressman. Valuing the duties of his office over party loyalty, he would join with other legislators to rein in executive excess.

Today’s Democrats, however, are less members of a party than of the movement Left. Their objective, like Obama’s, is fundamental transformation of a society rooted in individual liberty and private property to one modeled on top-down, redistributionist statism. Since statism advances by concentrating governmental power, Democrats — regardless of what governmental branch they happen to inhabit — rally to whatever branch holds the greatest transformative potential. Right now, that is the presidency. Thus, congressional Democrats do not insist that the president must comply with congressional statutes. Laws, after all, must be consistent with the Constitution to be valid, and are thus apt to reflect the very constitutional values the Left is trying to supplant. Democrats want the president to use the enormous raw power vested in his office by Article II to achieve statist transformation. If he does so, they will support him. They’ll get back to obsessing over the “rule of law” if, by some misfortune, the Republicans someday win another presidential election.” —Andrew C. McCarthy

Doug Ross @ Journal

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