Larwyn’s Linx: Hagel Refuses To Disclose Foreign Funding To Senate

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Hagel Refuses To Disclose Foreign Funding To Senate: Joshua
Is it okay to pour water on a terrorist if it’s dropped from a drone?: DC
Waters: We Have ‘Database That Has ‘Everything On Everyone’: Breitbart

Yes, he is a tyrant, just like the Founders warned us against: Owens
Time to Call the SPLC a Hate Group?: Nice Deb
Hate Kills: Left’s Demonization of Conservative Group Drove Shooter: RSM

Incoherent immigration reform: Hanson
Worse Than Waterboarding: RWN
Official: The Guns Used in Newtown Shooting: TAG


Privatize the Postal Service: Save Money, Improve Service: ObjStd
Michigan Teamster Boss Busted Over Double Dipping: LUR
Obamacare Exchange Costs Up 29% Before Program Starts!: Reason

Levin on Kasich: “He has thrown away his career as a conservative”: Scoop
US to cut carrier fleet in Persian Gulf to 1: AP
S&P Analyst Joked of Bringing Down the House Before Crash: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Leak of top secret Stuxnet program: grounds for impeachment?: Knight
Bad: Memo Shows Weak Justification for Killing People. Worse: It’s Not Even the Classified Version: Reason
Democrats In Brokeifornia Offer Legislation Requiring Insurance For Gun Owners To Protect The Taxpayer: Cove

Climate & Energy

Warrmists Blame Heavy Snow In Russia On “Climate Change”: STACLU
Forward! People cringe at rising gas prices; Ask Obama ‘why is gas so much?’: Twitchy


Pundits: “If Bush Were President, There Would be Impeachment Hearings Over the Drone Strikes”: Nice Deb
Levin: Obama defies federal courts and federal law; states should defy Obama’s unconstitutional actions: Scoop
Left Wing Terrorist Pleads Guilty To Shooting, Liberal Media Ignores: Glob

Karl Rove responds to accusations of him being at war with the Tea Party: Scoop
New York Times Explains Chicago’s Stratospheric Gun Violence: MB
Robert Gibbs Confirms Existence of Obamacare Death Panels: Lid

‘Farmer’ Ad Makers Left Out Harvey Reference To ‘Church’: B&R
Ray LaHood is Officially Shovel-Ready: Driscoll
The Frog, the Scorpion, and Marco Rubio: Driscoll

Karl Rove vs. the ‘Far Right’: NB
Krugman: was he lying then or is he lying now?: Q&O
Obama’s Israel-hating, Muslim Brotherhood cheerleader: the shrill radical cultist, Taylor Marsh: Levin


Is Turkey Leaving the West?: Pipes
U.S. Terror History Map: IPT
The ‘Palestinians’ show their appreciation to the United States: Matzav

Media Confirms Barack Obama Called For Drone Bombing of 16 Year-Old Denver Boy: GWP
Yawn: CBS Evening News Skips Obama Memo on Drone Strikes Against U.S. Citizens: NB
Adolf Hitler – Progressive Pioneer: NoisyRm

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Which Linux distro is best? Survey says: Slackware: PC World
Do the math: Facebook is not a buy: Fortune
Weird Underwater Waves Spotted From Space: Mashable


BREAKING: Obama Administration Building ‘Death Star’: SHN
Top 3 Best Improvised Defensive Weapons: TheModernSurvivalist

Image: Weird Underwater Waves Spotted From Space
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QOTD: “Every American has the right to know when their government believes that it is allowed to kill them.” —Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)

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