Larwyn’s Linx: Foreign Money Scandal Threatens Obama

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Foreign Money Scandal Threatens Obama: Morris
What did Obama Know About Libya and When Did He Know It?: Hayward
Obama Campaign Gets Covered In Big Bird’s…Well, You Know: HayRide

Paul Krugman, Then and Now: Power Line
Nate Silver Abso-Freaking-Lutely Nails the Election: Ace
Majority of voters believe Obama has changed country for worse: Hill

Obama’s Ring: Atlas
Romney: Why is Obama talking about Big Bird?: Scoop
REALLY: Obama thought he had won the debate: Tatler


Missing in Action: Stimulus Sheriff Joe Biden: Malkin
How’s that Obamacare going to work for you?: Fellowship of the Minds
Restaurant company may limit hours to avoid Obamacare: Malkin

Red Lobster, Olive Garden Testing Obamcare Avoidance Program: RWN
Big Bird Throws Obama Campaign Under the Bus: Lane
Obama Refuses To Waive Stafford Act Post Hurricane Isaac: RWN

Scandal Central

Operation Hot Mic: LI
A lawyer by training, Obama ignores rules of law: Barone
Hmmmm: Obama Campaign Allowing IP Proxies for Donors: Jawa

On eve of House hearings, State Department finally admits: No, there was never any Benghazi protest: Hot Air
How do today’s code rats hide foreign donations?: ProWis
School Lets Dems Register Students to Vote, But Not GOP: Fox Radio


Obama Tries to Discredit Peter Schweizer Over Illegal Online Fundraising Report, Fails Miserably: C4P
Snort: Andrew Sullivan Melts Down: Ace
Chicago gets serious …: Politico

Hey, how come Jay Carney’s not holding televised press briefings anymore?: Hot Air
New CNN Number So Terrible For Romney…: Ace
Political Analyst Jeff Greenfield reads the tea leaves and warns Obama, this may not end well for you: Riehl

PBS: Classmate Recalls Obama Claiming He Was An “Indonesian Prince”: WZ
Does Barack Obama Really Want to Win?: RWN
Romney Hits a Trifecta: Will


A storm of massive proportions is brewing in the MidEast: The Commentator
Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up: Cryptome
Taliban shoot Pakistani schoolgirl campaigning for peace: Reuters


The Nobel Prize Awarded for Laying the Foundation for Regenerative Medicine: Elephant
Nobel chemistry prize for the heart of cell signaling: Ars Technica
Show Doing Well On BitTorrent? We’ll Buy It, Says Media Giant: TorrentFreak


Chris Matthews to Donate Leg to Future Obama Presidential Library: Diogenes
Biden Debate Pic Leaked: Spew
“ROCK” the vote – for ROMNEY!?! WTF?: MOTUS

Image: @KatMcKinley
Today’s Larwyn’s Linx sponsored by: America’s Comeback Team

QOTD: “President Barack Obama did not take his debate preparation seriously, ignored the advice of senior aides and walked off the stage in Denver believing he had got the better of Mitt Romney, according to a Democrat close to the Obama campaign.

The Democrat said that Obama’s inner circle was dismayed at the ‘disaster’ that the first presidential debate had turned out to be and believed that the central problem was that the President was so disdainful of Romney that he didn’t believe he needed to engage with him.

‘President Obama made it clear he wanted to be doing anything else – anything – but debate prep,’ the Democrat said. ‘He kept breaking off whenever he got the opportunity and never really focused on the event” –Bryan Preston

Doug Ross @ Journal

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