JUST PERFECT: ATF seeks ‘massive’ database to track U.S. citizens, but not the weapons it sent to Mexico’s drug cartels

I swear on Michael Moore’s life: if this administration wasn’t in power, its high-jinx would be suitable only as fodder for a TV sit-com.

A recent notice from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reveals that the agency intends to acquire an online database capable of bringing up many of an individual’s personal characteristics and connections with just a few keystrokes.

On March 28[, it] filed a solicitation notice for a “massive online data repository system” for its Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information.

…What a contractor would be tasked with, according to the ATF’s list of intentions, is facilitating an automated system that allows agents to “find connection points between two or more individuals” by linking “structured and unstructured data” about American citizens.

…If they get their way, ATF computer analysts will be able to “obtain exact matches from partial source data searches” using an individual’s age range, address, vehicle serial number, or even a fragment of one’s Social Security number. Once that information is deposited, the database would return with the desired search result and that person’s known connections.

Despite the current political climate and the amount of personal information sought for review, there’s no indication that the ATF would use the database to follow gun sales, as current gun laws prevent a central federal registry logging firearm ownership.

Coincidentally, this news comes just days after the revelation that the Department of Homeland Security could have stopped the ill-fated “Operation Fast and Furious” in its tracks.

That ATF operation, of course, secretly sent thousands of military-style assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels in a murderous effort to reinforce the administration’s gun control claims. 300 Mexican nationals and at least two U.S. law enforcement officials paid the ultimate price for this Leftist barbarism.

I would submit to you that anything this administration does is intended to crush our liberties — and this particular lunacy is no exception.

Hat tip: BB.

Doug Ross @ Journal

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