Important Facts about the Pending Assault Weapons Ban!

Assault Weapons

Assault WeaponsWhether in America or anywhere else in the world our hearts break for the families of the victims from the recent malevolent acts. 

The prospect of a renewed assault weapons ban in the wake of the CT school massacre has many people running scared.  There is fear our 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy because of political upheaval and over reaction.

The media has put 100% focus on assault weapons as being the real problem.  As usual the media is wrong and here is why:

 1)   Statistics show, unlike handguns or shotguns, rifles account for only a fraction of homicides in the US.

  • FACT: of the 12,664 Murder Victims last year, an Assault Rifle killed only 323.
  • In both Paducah KY and the Columbine CO shootings NO Assault Weapons were used…  Bet you didn’t hear that in the Media. Why?
  • The Virginia Tech Shooter used handguns not Assault Rifles.
  • On the same day as the Newtown Massacre, 22 students were stabbed with a knife at a grade school in China. Bet you didn’t hear that in the Media.  Why?
  • The worst school massacre was not a shooting at all. 
  •  Bath Township, MI 1927
    • 45 Dead and not a single shooting death.
    • Andrew Kehoe bombed the school because of a tax levy used to fund the school. Not mentioned in the media.

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2)   Guns don’t kill people, it’s an inanimate object – it does not think or have feelings.

  1. Evil acts do not exist in inanimate objects such as knives, explosives or firearms.  An evil act solely exists in the hearts and minds of people.
    1.  A lot of folks will say Gun Control is the answer but they are wrong.  It’s a problem of our Mental Health Care System.
    2.   Too many Assault Weapons is not the problem.
  2. Decades of decomposing our inpatient psychiatric hospitals.
    1. Insurance companies only pay for social workers and nurses even for the extreme mentally ill rather than including psychologists and psychiatrists’.
    1. Most mentally ill patients today receive less than an hour a week (if that) with a social worker.
    2. Most nurses prescribe psychoactive medications.
    3. Gatekeepers for insurance companies turn most emergency room visits away for inpatient psychiatric treatment requests.
    4. No communication exists between law enforcement and psychiatry professionals about dangerous individuals.
    5. The problem solely rests on our broken health care system NOT GUNS.

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 3)   Sign the petition today to have your congressman and/or senator put a stop to the over reaction.

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