Obama Says James Clapper ‘Should Have Been More Careful’ In How He Lied To Congress

Mike Masnick | Clapper didn’t need to “be more careful.” He lied. Which is a felony.

Raping the 11-year olds Americans won’t rape

Guest post by The Machiavellian

Last year two illegal aliens, both partners in a string of robberies in the Nashville are, were found guilty of a long string of robberies and the rape of an 11 year old girl.

The first criminal alien from El Savador was sentenced to 40 years for rape, kidnapping, and robbery.

His partner was found guilty of 41 charges, stemming from a string of robberies in South Nashville, which culminated in a rape of an 11-year old girl during one of their crimes. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

So… here we have a team of illegal aliens, brandishing guns, robbing homes in South Nashville over a three month period and — in the process — raping a child.

Yet there are still those who still condone and encourage the illegal invasion of millions of people across our borders. I can’t buy Sudafed with a license, but robbers, murderers, and rapists are allowed to cross our borders freely.

Only after they have harmed American citizens does the government do something. Think about that. It takes rape and murder for the feds to act.

First, we must control our borders. Secondly, only a limited number of highly vetted citizens from Latin and South America should be allowed to enter our nation.

Of course, for our side, that would dry up cheap labor. And for the Democratic-Marxist Party, that would frustrate their plan to change the ethnic makeup of America in order to increase the dependent classes that vote for them, depress wages, destroy the middle class and their bourgeoisie values of faith, hard work, private property, and capitalism.

They raped an 11 year old girl. Do you really want more of this?

Read more at Virtuous Republic

Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “Republicans could be chasing Democrats around from coast to coast on Obamacare alone. But instead, they are picking a 3% issue and picking a fight with their own base over it. And they’re picking the fight now, ahead of most primaries and months ahead of the general elections. There is time for the badness that is “comprehensive immigration reform” to sink in and sink the party. If you think the media won’t take advantage of this and try to get Republicans in primaries fighting among themselves over this, you don’t know the media. Of course they will. That’s what they do…

Pushing immigration now undermines the case that Obama is lawless, since any reform depends on him to enforce it and the Republicans are in effect saying that they trust him. Pushing immigration now undermines the rule of law, which also runs against the ability to cast Obama as lawless. Pushing immigration now does nothing for the millions of Americans and legal aliens who cannot find work in the Obama economy.

Pushing immigration now is weapons-grade stupid. Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have struck the right notes on immigration this week. Boehner should listen to them. Stop throwing interceptions, please. Run with the Obamacare ball and wear out the Democrats’ defense. And then break them.” –Bryan Preston

Doug Ross @ Journal