SHOCKA: EPA Flaunts Rules, Seeks Feedback On Its Radical Policies Exclusively in Left-Leaning Areas

Guest post by Sean Hackbarth

In a letter to the EPA, the Institute for 21st Century Energy and 13 state and local business organizations call out the agency for not living up to its own policies on the location of listening sessions on greenhouse gas emissions rules for existing power plants:

EPA has chosen to locate most of these hearings in states and regions that use very little coal, while neglecting states most dependent on coal for affordable and reliable electricity generation. For example, EPA is not planning listening sessions in any of the 10 states most reliant on coal for electricity generation, instead choosing states such as California (1% of electricity from coal), New York (4%), and Washington (4%).

There are no scheduled hearings in any of the ten states that generate the highest percentage of electricity from coal—states such as West Virginia (95% of electricity from coal), for Indiana (84%), North Dakota (78%), or Ohio (71%).

This ignores EPA’s policy on public hearings:

When the subject of a public hearing, meeting or other information exchange process relates to conditions or facilities in a specific geographic area, EPA should hold the public hearing or meeting in that general geographic area.

So far, EPA isn’t living up to this standard.

The business organizations ask EPA to reach out to–not ignore–states that are most dependent on coal.

Greenhouse gas emission rules, expected to be released by EPA next year, will greatly affect coal producers and electricity users. It’s critical that all affected parties be able to give their input to the agency.


Doug Ross @ Journal