Larwyn’s Linx: The GOP — Rabbits or Tigers?

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The GOP: Rabbits or Tigers?: Jeffrey Lord
Cruz: We Don’t Have Votes to Defund Obamacare Now: John McCormack
Report concludes Holder misled Congress, GOP asks for his removal: Janeen Capizola

I Think Brent Bozell Wins This One: Erick Erickson
Dear Jon Favreau: No Such Thing As No-Government Conservatives: Glob
Nationwide “Impeach Obama” Protest Set for August 6: Keith Koffler

Obama’s New ‘Nudge Squad’ To Secretly Push You to Do His Bidding: Publius
Benghazi Hearing: Commander Traveling, Had ‘Unreliable Communications’: Tatler
Who Will Rid Me of This Troublesome Weiner?: Ace


Obama’s Scheme To Destroy Middle Class Suburbia : Nice Deb
Ted Cruz Crushes ObamaCare in Two Sentences Flat: IJ Review
The Childless City: Joel Kotkin

Bankrupting America’s new series: a crash course in government waste: Red Alert
Detroit Bankruptcy Came With Sky-High Tax Rates, Not ‘Small Government’: BizzyBlog
Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown: Loren Heal

Scandal Central

E-mails Suggest Collusion Between FEC, IRS to Target Conservative Groups: NRO
Issa: IRS has ‘no intention of complying,’ obstructing Congress is a crime: BPR
So you use a cellphone, eh?: Karl Denninger

IRS scandal spreads to Federal Elections Commission: Sister Toldjah
Carney: Obama Thinks IRS And Benghazi Are “Phony Scandals”: WZ
Republican report concludes Holder misled Congress on reporter targeting: Fox

Climate & Energy

When the Lights Go Out and the Music Stops: Gates of Vienna
Obama Changes Tune On Blue-Collar Jobs Push Over Keystone: Joseph R. Carducci
Bill Would Halt Common Core in Ohio: Scott Landreth


Issa responds to Mark Levin’s criticisms of House GOP Obama scandal investigations: Jeff Poor
Conflicting accounts about Anthony Weiner’s 2011 text flirtation with high school girl: Instapundit (Language)
Democrats Condone Weiner Campaign Attack On Female Intern: Dana Loesch

RUSH: ‘The Democrat Party Needs a Permanent Underclass’ to Survive: Matthew Burke
The One Insult John McCain Can’t Forgive: Seth Mandel
Michelle Malkin TORCHES Al Sharpton, says “he’s got blood on his hands”: Scoop

Majority of Republicans Want a Change in Direction; Are you Listening, Moderates?: TPNN
Former Planned Parenthood Employees Warn About Delaware Clinic: H4A
Fox News Compared to KKK?! O’Reilly’s Heated Response to a Newspaper’s Outrageous Charge: FNI


XKeyscore: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’: Glenn Greenwald
Massive solar flare narrowly misses Earth, EMP disaster barely avoided: Paul Bedard
Military-industrial complex cash influences NSA votes: Eric Boehm

CNN: We interviewed a lead Benghazi suspect, whom the feds apparently can’t find, for two hours : Hot Air
Carney Dodges When Asked Why Benghazi Suspect Hasn’t Been Contacted by FBI: WFB
Air Force could lose up to 5 squadrons: AirForceTimes


Victory Lap for Ask Patents: Joel Spolsky
If We Own Your Data We Own Your Ass: StrategyPage
Facebook can now be shared with the web through embeddable posts: InsideFacebook


Parasites ‘R Us: MOTUS
Most Influential Blog Awards – A Fun Way To Recognize Fellow Bloggers: Marooned in Marin
MLB prepared to ban A-Rod for life, suspend eight others: Bob Nightengale

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QOTD: “Policy failures, as usually understood, mean nothing to the Democrat party because successes or failures are not relevant to the rationale behind those policies. Policies initiated by Democrats are intended first and foremost to cement the place and power of Democrats in the American polity.., all the post-election talk about what Obama’s second agenda would be (energy? jobs? foreign policy? and so on) was meaningless since there would be one and only one second-term agenda for this president … to eliminate political and economic competition to himself first and the Democrat party second. There is no other Obama agenda. Not jobs, not economic growth, not anything. Emplacing permanent one-party rule in this country is the sole goal for term 2.

That is what he is really doing, very energetically, while we grow tired of paying attention to him.” —Donald Sensing

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