War Within 72 Hours: “The World Understands that the American People Are Being Zombified”

What exactly is President Obama doing and why all the delays? Is he looking for a way out, in essence telling the Syrians and Russians we are going to strike, but don’t worry, we aren’t going to go after anything important in the hopes that nothing else will come of it?

Our Commander-in-Chief has not only shown his incompetence in geo-political matters, but has, as Greg Mannarino notes in the commentary below, turned the United States into the laughing stock of the world.

All signs suggest that the President of the United States has no idea what is really going on in the world. And after Russian troops started piling off ships into Syria, and Vladimir Putin mobilized his Navy and reportedly threatened a counter-strike on Saudi Arabia, Obama may have realized that he is in way over his head, and that he has brought the world to the brink of global conflict.

Nonetheless, out of desperation and to save face, the distinct possibility of confrontation remains, and will more than likely be initiated within the next 72 hours.

(Video commentary follows excerpts)

What is really going on here?

Outlining detail for detail what is going to unfold.

What’s really going on here people… the President, Kerry, all of them, they’re not talking to the American people about this.

They’re talking to Russia, they’re talking to China, to Syria, to Iran… understand, President Obama is fearful of where this may go.

So, he’s laying out the groundwork being as precise as possible… he’s giving the Syrian regime, the Syria military all the time they need to move whatever weapons and equipment they may have from high priority targets.

It’s a joke. It’s being broadcast with such detail you really have to ask yourself, “what is really going on here?”

It’s a shame what has happened to our country. we’ve become the laughing stock – the laughing stock of the world.

Our economy is absolutely in shambles. We understand this.

The world understands that the American people are being zombified and are being completely lied to and misled at every single corner.

The American people are on a need-to-know basis, and based on Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech earlier today, we don’t need to know:

Via Truthstream Media

What do we know?

“And I believe, as President Obama does, that it is also important to discuss this directly with the American people. That’s our responsibility: to talk with the citizens who have entrusted all of us in the administration and the Congress with responsibility for their security.”


“But still, in order to protect sources and methods, some of what we know will only be released to members of Congress, the representatives of the American people. That means that some things we do know, we can’t talk about publicly.

And still later

“So that is what we know. That’s what the leaders of Congress now know.And that’s what the American people need to know.”

Translation: You, the American People, are on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and you do not need to know. Trust us. We’re the government.

The fate of the world is in the hands of sociopaths.

If you’re betting on a peaceful resolution to all this, then you are entrusting your life to people who have done nothing but shifted blame, obfuscated facts, and lied to achieve their long-term globalist agenda.


SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Barack Obama and Eric Holder Bar the Schoolhouse Door, Blocking Minority Children From a Quality Education

Guest post by Investors Business Daily

Pro-Choice: The Justice Department has asked a federal court to stop 34 school districts in Louisiana from handing out private-school vouchers so kids can escape failing public schools, just like the president’s daughters.

He didn’t say it on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” but President Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, also has a dream — one of leaving every black child in the Pelican State behind, trapped in schools that cannot educate them.

Almost simultaneously with the president’s speech, Holder’s Department of Justice filed suit in federal court to stop Louisiana’s statewide voucher program.

Passed in 2012, the program guarantees a voucher to students from families with incomes below 250% of poverty and who attend schools graded “C” or below.

Liberals are all for choice when it comes to having children, but not when it comes to educating them. The irony of Obama’s speech is that he pretended to honor a man who fought to have black children attend schools they were barred from as his administration fought to keep them in schools they can’t escape from, a form of educational apartheid that’s both separate and unequal.

White liberal hypocrite Matt Damon is typical of the elitists who don’t practice what they preach.

Son of a public school teacher, the Hollywood actor has often sung the praises of public education, yet has chosen to send his four daughters to private schools that few of us non-movie stars can afford.

Chelsea Clinton benefited from attending D.C.’s most prestigious private school, pricey Sidwell Friends, where both of the Obamas’ daughters, not to mention Vice President Biden’s granddaughters, matriculated.

Can’t have the working poor they pretend to care about have the same opportunity to exercise the same school choice with those gimmicky vouchers, can we?

DOJ’s argument is that many of the schools affected remain under desegregation orders imposed 50 years ago and that, essentially, letting poor blacks leave these schools for better ones upsets the politically correct racial balance DOJ wants to achieve.

The DOJ complaint says that in several of the 22 districts involved “the voucher recipients were in the racial minority at the public school they attended before receiving the voucher.”

So letting black kids leave makes these schools more white, which is bad, but getting a bad education while sitting next to a white child is apparentlay good.

According to the complaint filed in New Orleans federal court to block 2014-15 vouchers for students in public school systems under federal desegregation orders, the first year of private school vouchers “impeded the desegregation process.”

How about the kids who end up not being able to read Dr. King’s speech or spell “desegregation”?

Education is the enemy of the left, for with knowledge comes power, a power that does not come from the government. May we be so cynical as to suggest that an administration that fosters and feeds on dependency wants to perpetuate it by ensuring that poor black kids grow up to be poor black Democratic-voting adults?

And don’t forget the necessity of letting teachers’ unions feed at the public trough while babysitting the next cohort of functional illiterates.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal actually does something to help these kids with more than boilerplate rhetoric, while Obama and Holder use the full weight of the federal government to try to stop him.

Please, Mr. President, don’t stand where Martin Luther King stood, in the shadow of the statue of the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, leader of a party formed to fight slavery, at a gathering the only black U.S. senator, Tim Scott, was not invited to speak at, and preach about racial injustice.

What you and your attorney general are doing in Louisiana is racial injustice.

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily

Doug Ross @ Journal

PLEASE REMEMBER TO THANK A DEMOCRAT: Labor Force Participation Rate Hits a 34-Year Low

We have now experienced five years of Obamanomics.

The results have been, in a word, catastrophic.

Here’s an open question for any liberal reading along (and by that I mean you, Carlito, among others): how many more failed experiments in central planning, including the $ 1 trillion “Stimulus”, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, nationalization of the student loan business, “Cash for Clunkers”, open borders, etc. will you tolerate before you finally declare that this regime’s Marxist agenda will only end in misery?

How many more failures will you accept before you put your children above your religion of Statism?

Please consider Exhibit 4,806 in a series I call “Legacy of Failure – The Results of Barack Obama’s Marxist Agenda“:

President Obama’s policies have devastated all age groups, but the most heartbreaking impact is on the young:

Gallup reports that, “The lack of new hiring over the past several years…seems to have disproportionately reduced younger Americans’ ability to obtain full-time jobs.” … According to Gallup’s “Payroll to Population” measure, fewer Millennials were working full time in June of 2013 than in June of 2012, 2011, or 2010… A recent 2012 Pew Research Center study found that 36 percent of the nation’s Millennials were still living with their parents.

Millions of older Americans have responded to the lack of job opportunities under Obamanomics by becoming “disabled.” Based on disability statistics, you would think that Americans have suddenly gotten sickly, or perhaps that we have been fighting a war:

A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco also attributes the drop in [labor force participation] in part to the “increased use of some social benefit programs, notably disability insurance.” … Fourteen million Americans, including roughly 8.5 million former workers receive disability. In 2011, that included 4.6 percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 64. These Americans are not included among the “unemployed.”

Fourteen million Americans on disability–that is more than the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Montana, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho and West Virginia, combined: every man, woman and child in 13 states. The exploding ranks of the “disabled” are due to the absence of jobs in Barack Obama’s economy. The human cost of this tragedy is incalculable.

The CEO of Express Employment Professionals, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, says: “All indicators suggest this shift [out of the labor force] is not sustainable.” That’s putting it mildly.

How much suffering do you want, liberals? How much more misery are you willing to impart on the next generation before you finally reject central planning? On a scale of Spain to North Korea, how far are you willing to go?

Hat tip: BadBlue Financial News.

Doug Ross @ Journal

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QOTD: “Concealed within President Obama’s carping about Rush Limbaugh is a distaste for democracy. Obama is not the first aspiring tyrant to complain that the pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case, that the pundit is mightier than the president…

…He represents a familiar figure in history: the left-wing revolutionary who rises to power by praising dissent, then stays in power by trying to suppress it. This suppression is usually cast in terms of “civility,” respect for government, or whatever other cant works at the moment…

…Somehow Obama’s concerns about civility didn’t stop him from writing a glowing blurb for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or dissuade him from attending the “God damn America” sermons of Jeremiah Wright. Out of power, Obama defined dissent as patriotism. In power, he treats it as near-treason…” —George Neumayr

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