Favorite Emergency Essentials: Water the Element of Life

Emergency Drinking WaterWater is one of the basic needs of life and among the most important elements of survival. It is essential for numerous reasons. It is needed for hydration and people have to drink water regularly in order to replenish the loss of liquid in the body and to quench the thirst. Water storage is an emergency essential to surviving any disaster.

Water is vital to a human body. Purified water is needed for optimum health and it is used for other important activities such as bathing, cleaning and cooking. FEMA and other experts recommend at least a two-week supply of water and food for emergencies.  Keep in mind these are considered to be the minimum recommendations.  I always try to keep at least three months of food and water for my entire family including my pets.

Water can come from rain, stream or through other sources. Additionally, Water is brought into our homes through pipes from local water stations. As a society, we have become dependent and rely on the water coming from the pipes in our home.  This water supply will most likely be contaminated in a natural disaster.  An important fact, did you know that water in your home is dependent on electricity? The water at the local water treatment plants cannot filter the water without power.  Be prepared.

How much water is enough?

How much is enough? Well, that all depends on the size of your family.  A general rule of thumb; each family member will consume on average a full gallon of water a day.  Now you may be saying to yourself, I don’t drink a gallon of water per day.  This may be true and in fact most people only drink about ½ gallon of liquids per day.  This will include milk, juices, sodas etc.

However, keep in mind that in most disasters you will not have air conditioning, fresh air, sodas & juices will be luxury.  Additionally, you will use water to wash, clean & cook.  This all takes away from your on-hand water supply.  With these considerations in mind, keep one gallon of water per member of the household and include pets as a member as well. For example, for a family of three people and one dog or cat you will need at least 120 gallons of water for a 30-day supply, 240 gallons for a 60-day, and 360 gallons for a 90-day supply.  Wow, that’s a lot of water, but an essential element of life. Be prepared.

Water Storage


Homes can store water by using water storage tanks or containers. Some designs of water storage tanks can be used to collect rainwater. I personally use a rainwater collection system to collect water to use in case of emergencies for washing, cleaning, brushing teeth and general use.  I do not use it for drinking water.  There is nothing wrong with drinking rainwater if it is filtered to remove contaminants; I just prefer to use rainwater for general use. There are many rainwater collection systems on the market; however, this is the one I prefer:

Drinking Water

A clean, sterilized water container can be used for water storage. Containers made of thermoplastic have been invented for long-term water storage. Since ancient times, people have invented containers from different materials for the purpose for storing water. I personally rely on the Reliance Lifeguard 7-gallon container with built-in bacteria filter.

I have six of these containers on-hand filled with tap water. They provide 42 gallons of emergency water for my wife and me.  This will provide a 21-day supply of fresh water without the need to treat the water before consuming. I recycle the water in these containers every six months to keep the emergency supply fresh.

Additionally, I use two 55-gallon water storage barrels for long-term storage.  This water will need to be treated with a water preserver concentrate and can be stored for 5 years before recycling.  You can purchase 55 gallon barrels from Amazon using the link below.

Another element in my arsenal for water storage is personal water bottles with a built in water purifier.  I highly recommend the Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier.  Don’t accept imitations, the Berkey is the best.  It eliminates up to 99.9% of contaminates including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E-Coli.  I would purchase one of these for each family member.  In emergencies, only drink water from these bottles regardless of where the water came from, as you can never be too safe.  I always keep two of these in my bug out bag, as they are compact and light.

Emergency essentials such as Water, the element of life, should be at the top of your list when planning for disasters. A water storage container is one of the few important things that a family should purchase. Water storage containers are important for survival and a personal portable water purifier is perhaps the most needed item in a survival situation. Be prepared.

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By Rodney Butler

Favorite Be Prepared: Emergency Preparedness

You may be installing the best security and burglar alarm system in your house. Additionally, you may have a large storage house of canned goods in case of outage or crisis, and you may have the most complete emergency kit in the house, but if you have don’t have an effective emergency plan, it will all go to waste. It actually takes less than an hour for you to formulate an emergency plan, have it printed and given to each member of the family.  Families need to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Is your family prepared for the worst days? You don’t have to wait for the nightmare to come true for you to learn how to prepare for emergencies. Right now, you can actually grab a pen and paper, sit with the family and start discussing your emergency preparedness program. It may sound difficult at first to create an emergency preparedness program especially if you have not been through a crisis or natural disaster before. But to help you with this, it only takes a pen, paper and a little imagination or assumption of how an emergency disaster might happen.

What is emergency preparedness planning? Emergency preparedness planning refers to a set of activities and/or a list of reminders that will orient every member of the family on what to do in case of emergencies. A disaster can be of any form; it can be of natural causes like earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis, which are obviously inevitable. A disaster can be an accident like gas explosion, electricity accident or outage, fire, crime-related like burglary, home invasion or it can even be financial or economical disasters, such as money crisis, power outage and so on.

Even when you are at home, when you expect safety, disaster can still strike at a moments notice. When you leave your loved ones at home, how will you contact them in the case of emergencies, where will you meet, who will they call? These are just some of the questions that can be answered when you do an emergency preparedness program with your family.

First, make sure that every member of the family is present. Then identify the fire exit routes for your house. Note that a fire exit is not only intended during a fire accident, it is also applicable for other disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, and flooding; even crime-related home invasions is on the list.  Exit doors are usually found in the kitchen, but what if the emergency took place in the kitchen, will the main door be a good option for exit. How about in rooms, do the kids have assigned routes to emergency exits?

The second thing you need to consider in your emergency preparedness program is a meeting place for your family. There might be case-to-case basis here. For example during a fire accident, determine which house or place your family members will be staying temporarily. If there is an incoming hurricane, orient the family to evacuate to a relative on a nearby city or state. It could be your favorite restaurant or a relative living nearby or the curb across the street from your house.

The third element in your emergency preparedness program is the list of contacts. Who, what, and where (Friends, Relatives) are living outside/inside your city or State? In the case of regional disasters such as hurricane or earthquake, it might be difficult to stay connected using local lines. Make it a point that every one in the family shares the same list of contacts. Your pets should also be a part of your emergency preparedness program. Unfortunately, however, pets are not allowed in evacuation and resettlement areas. You may leave your pets in a veterinary clinic or with a relative.

Assign a person who will pick up your kids when you cannot make it. Have a list of contact numbers of your neighbors. Keep a list of health conditions of your family. And inform everyone in the house about the location of floor drains, gas valves, water pipes, electrical boxes and fire extinguishers. Always check, keep, maintain and change your supplies in your emergency kits. You could be storing expired foods in your kits so make sure they are constantly checked for expiration. To avoid unnecessary spoilage of food in your emergency kits, make a schedule or calendar of maintenance or better yet eat the canned foods in your emergency kits.

As a final thought on emergency preparedness planning, teach your family on how to be responsive and manage stress during critical moments. Kids are typically afraid of scenes of injured people and are afraid of being alone. Keep your children calm and give assurance that everything will be all right. These emergency preparedness program tips are not enough for family.  Each family requires different things and the things discussed in this article are just the beginning.   Remember, being prepared eliminates many of the risks and ill effects of disasters are reduced.

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How to be Prepared

By Rodney Butler

Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet


Are you preparing for the collapse of society?  If so, the truth is that you are definitely not alone.  The number of preppers in the U.S. has absolutely exploded in recent years.  It has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States, and “Doomsday Preppers” is currently the highest rated show on the National Geographic channel.  In fact, you could be living next to a prepper and never even know it.  All over America, families are transforming spare rooms into long-term food storage pantries, planting survival gardens, unplugging from the grid, converting their homes over to alternative sources of energy, taking self-defense courses and stocking up on just about everything that you can imagine.  The re-election of Barack Obama and other recent events seem to have given the prepper movement even more momentum.  For example, in January the U.S. Mint broke all kinds of records and sold nearly half a billion dollars worth of gold and silver coins to the public.  Not only that, Americans bought enough guns during the last two months of 2012 alone to supply the entire armies of China and India.  When it comes to prepping, nobody can match the passion that Americans put into it.

So what are all of these people prepping for?

Well, the truth is that no two preppers have the exact same motivation.  There is a general consensus among preppers that our world is becoming increasingly unstable, but when you sit down and talk with them you find out that there are a whole host of different civilization-killing events that various preppers are concerned about.  Some are preparing for the collapse of the economy.  Others are extremely concerned about the potential for crippling natural disasters andcatastrophic earth changes. To other preppers, the rise of the “Big Brother” surveillance grid that is being constructed all around us is the greatest danger, and many of them warn of the tyrannical agenda of the New World Order.  Terrorism, killer pandemics, EMP attacks, World War III, martial law, solar megastorms, asteroid strikes and societal chaos are some of the other things that many preppers are worried about.  There are even some preppers that are not worried about any “threats” at all – they just want to get “back to the land” and want to become less dependent on the system.

Whatever the motivation, it is undeniable that the prepper movement has gotten very large and that it continues to grow.

In fact, there was a recent article in the New York Times about preppers that was actually written by a prepper entitled “The Preppers Next Door“…

To the unprepared, the very word “prepper” is likely to summon images of armed zealots hunkered down in bunkers awaiting the End of Days, but the reality, at least here in New York, is less dramatic. Local Preppers are doctors, doormen, charter school executives, subway conductors, advertising writers and happily married couples from the Bronx. They are no doubt people that you know — your acquaintances and neighbors. People, I’ll admit, like myself.

I was absolutely amazed that one of the key mouthpieces of the establishment, the New York Times, would publish an article that was mostly positive about preppers, because the truth is that prepping is essentially a huge expression of a lack of faith in the establishment.   Even the article admitted as much…

PREPPING IS THE BIG SHORT: a bet not just against a city, or a country or a government, but against the whole idea of sustainable civilization. For that reason, it chafes against one of polite society’s last remaining taboos — that the way we live is not simply plagued by certain problems, but is itself insolubly problematic.

And that is exactly right.  There are millions of us that are entirely convinced that the world around us is becoming increasingly unstable and that “the system” will not be there to take care of us when everything falls to pieces.

With each passing day, even more Americans lose faith in the system and begin prepping.  If you are one of those new preppers, there are actually dozens of great websites out there on the Internet where you can get an education about prepping for free.  The list of websites and blogs that I have compiled below contains more articles and resources than you could ever possibly need.  Hopefully many of you will find this list to be extremely helpful.

The following are 50 of the best prepper websites and blogs on the Internet…

1. Survival Blog

2. American Preppers Network

3. The Survival Mom

4. SHTFPlan.com

5. Survival 4 Christians

6. Urban Survival

7. Backdoor Survival

8. Off Grid Survival

9. Modern Survival Online

10. The Survivalist Blog

11. The Suburban Prepper

12. The Great Northern Prepper

13. Prepper Website

14. The Survival Podcast

15. Doom And Bloom

16. Provident Living Today

17. Prepper.org

18. Prepared Christian

19. SHTFblog.com

20. Survival Cache

21. Modern Survival Blog

22. Rural Revolution

23. Preparedness Advice Blog

24. Prep-Blog.com

25. Survival And Prosperity


27. The Neighbor Network

28. The Apartment Prepper

29. Armageddon Online

30. The Berkey Guy Blog

31. The Home For Survival

32. My Family Survival Plan

33. Prepography

33. Prepper Dashboard

34. Bacon And Eggs

35. SHTF School

36. Canadian Preppers Network

37. Maximum Survival

38. Survivor Jane

39. Prepping To Survive

40. SaltnPrepper

41. SGTReport

42. SHTF Wiki

43. Jewish Preppers

44. Survival Magazine

45. Survival Week

46. Prepper Forums

47. Survivalist Boards

48. Tactical Intelligence

49. The Prepared Ninja

50. Common Sense Homesteading

The sad truth is that our world is becoming increasingly unstable in a whole bunch of different ways and we all need to learn how to prepare for the difficult years ahead.

Unfortunately, most Americans simply are not prepared for much of anything.

For example, a large percentage of Americans do not even have enough savings to get them through a single financial emergency.  According to one recent report, approximately 44 percent of all households in the United States are just one unexpected event away from financial disaster.

Most American families do not have much food stored up either.  One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of all Americans have less than three days supply of food in their homes.

Could that possibly be accurate?  Do people really keep that little food in their homes?

Another survey asked Americans how long they think they could survive if the entire electrical grid went down and there was no more power for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than a week, and an additional 28 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than two weeks.  Close to 75 percent of those who responded said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

So who are the crazy ones?

Are the people trying to become more independent and self-sufficient crazy, or are the people who have complete and total faith that the system will take care of them no matter what happens actually the crazy ones?

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer for myself and my family to at least have a chance to survive if society melts down for some reason.

What about you?

Are you a prepper?

Do you know some preppers?

Do you believe that people should be prepping?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Larwyn’s Linx: Things I learned today

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QOTD: “Modern economies are too complex to be reliably modeled; their connections and correlations are loose and imprecise, the second- and third-order effects largely immeasurable, the fickle vagaries of individual and aggregate human behavior utterly unknowable. Put an economist in a powerful government job and provide levers that can be pulled to start the printing presses, set reserve requirements, fiddle with the Fed funds rate, expand the Fed’s balance sheet, and deliver indecipherable communiqués, and that economist will feel compelled to pull those levers.

He or she, like a monkey with a typewriter, might even give us Shakespeare (or Adam Smith) on occasion. But mostly that economist will spout gibberish, a mélange of untested and potentially counterproductive measures that unleash all manner of unintended consequences.

Were the meddling to actually remedy the targeted deficiency, it might well be at the cost of dangerous feedback loops and unexpected ripples growing beneath the surface into the incipient waves of tomorrow’s much larger problems.” –Seth Klarman, “Why Ben Bernanke Is Like A Monkey”

Doug Ross @ Journal

Decorated Combat Veteran Arrested In New York: Charged With 5 Felonies For Possession of AR Magazines

Army Vet Nathan HaddadIn the latest attack on the American people, a decorated War Hero has been arrested and charged with five counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, for having empty 30 round AR-15 Magazines in his vehicle.

On Sunday January 6th Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.

According to Haddad’s brother, Michael Haddad, Nathan thought these magazines were legally made before the New York Assault Weapons Ban. When Nathan Haddad was arrested the new ban had not even been fully enacted yet.

This is not a criminal, this is not some thug looking to hurt people; this is a decorated combat veteran who was recently honored by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers and the Union League’s Armed Services Council for helping disabled vets get back on their feet. What’s happening to Army veteran Nate Haddad is an absolute attack on liberty. Here we have a man who honorably served his country, who was trusted with weaponry that far exceeded anything he was carrying, that now finds himself facing the possibility of spending years in prison.

Still think these gun control laws are meant to stop criminals?

Nathan Haddad’s brother has set up a legal defense fund for his brother who cannot afford to fight these charges on his own. We ask that you share this story with everyone you know so that this attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law abiding citizen in America.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You